Total Edge Control
The Leap of Faith

There is simply nothing that compares to this experience     
Imagine jumping out of an airplane and having the time of your life. Imagine taking that experience and having it transform everything in your life because it changes everything you do.

Those who achieve extraordinary lives share a fundamental power of courage. This is not the absence of fear, but a willingness to break through limitations and take action.

During the Leap of Faith Workshop you will discover within yourself an awesome power that can change everything.

You will learn how to instantly place yourself in peak emotional, mental and physical states. 

You will move from a place of just understanding your emotions to a place of emotional mastery. This will not only affect how you feel, it will transform how you think and what you do.
Starting on day one of the Leap of Faith Workshop you will begin to condition yourself  mentally, emotionally and physically for consistent and sustainable achievement in the four key areas that create an extraordinary quality of life.
During the time we spend together you will discover how to do the impossible!  (Or what you thought was impossible). As an ultimate declaration of your newly emerging mastery you will jump out of an airplane with the help of a trained professional. This is not about skydiving. Instead it's about creating a breakthrough. 
Once you get yourself to do the impossible everything else you want in life becomes a possibility. You don't have to do the tandem jump in order to participate in the Leap of Faith Workshop but most people want to and tell us it's one of their favorite parts of the program.
I just wanted to write and tell everyone what a great time I had! Everyone was really helpful and gave me a lot of confidence for my first jump. I loved every minute of it, from the plane ride up all the way to a great parachute landing. The view was breathtaking and my thrilling tandem jump was the highlight of my experience. Like most people who jump, I will do it again!!
I just wanted to say thanks for the greatest time in my life. I can’t believe I did it! It took me awhile to get up the courage but now I am hooked. I never imagined that skydiving was going to be this amazing and life altering.

They say that in life, there is always that one moment that can change everything. For me, that moment was my tandem jump. Thanks so much for giving me this experience!
Getting yourself to take action
 in order to push through real or perceived limitations is the first step towards living a fulfilling life.
Paul David Cohn
Sam Miller
Cooper Eckhart
The Leap of Faith Workshop isn't just about creating change, it's about creating a fulfilling life, one that you are passionate about living. What's the point of change if you're not going to enjoy the end result?
The Leap of Faith Workshop is about mastering those areas of your life that create success and fulfillment. When you have fulfillment without success you don't accomplish anything. When you have success without fulfillment it doesn't matter how much you accomplish you still live an unsatisfied life.
The purpose of The Leap of Faith program is to improve the quality of your experiences. And in so doing improve the quality of your life.
Most people become who they are through random chance. Past experiences shape who they are and create boundaries for present and future experiences. The Leap of Faith Workshop takes your life out of the hands of random chance and puts you in charge of your future.
You will discover how to instantly transform unresourceful
emotions into empowering action.
You will discover what you really want from life, what you
love, what you hate and what you would like more of.
You will develop a clear target of what you want and why; in your career, your body, your finances and your relationships.
You will learn how to model proven strategies of those who have already achieved what you desire, saving countless days, months and even years of needless frustration.
You will master the process of momentum that will enable you to make powerful decisions and take actions that once seemed difficult or even impossible.
"Being fearless isn't being 100% not fearful, it's being terrified but you jump anyway"
Paul and Patsy Cohn
are Successful
 Peak Performance Experts,
Personal Development Leaders,
Strategic Results Coaches
The Leap of Faith Workshop isn't just about facing our fears.
- Taylor Swift
It's really about getting ourselves to take action 
on things we really want  
 It's about moving beyond current limitations;
to a life we are more than capable of living.
Although it may seem like it.
This Golden Retriever might be bigger than most dogs, but he is also a big softy at heart. Despite how irrational it may be, he is afraid to walk from the hardwood floor to the carpet, and has to turn his body completely around and back up before he can cross the floor line.

Many of us are a lot like this Golden Retriever!
We have desires, dreams and aspirations 
that we are more than capable of reaching but for whatever the reason 
we can't get ourselves to move into action.
The "Leap of Faith Workshop" is all about taking action.
Chris Cornelius
Jamie Elizabeth Moore

Personal Trainer
Fitness Instructor, Athlete
Customer Relations Expert
Personal Development Leader
We all have a defined destiny. There are no accidents! Paul, us meeting wasn't by chance, you are one of the most influential men I've ever met. Thank you for making an impact on my life. I appreciate you and everything you have done for me. I thank God for you!! 
The other day someone asked me if I believe in miracles, I had to tell them about you and what you have done for us. Thank you so much for everything. Paul, you are truly an amazing individual. The coaching Lisa and I received from you and Patsy and the knowledge and wisdom we have gained through your programs has made a tremendous difference in our lives. The quality of our daily lives has changed dramatically. What you and Patsy have provided us with is absolutely priceless. We are forever grateful!!
Praise for Paul, Patsy and The Leap of Faith
Paul and Patsy Cohn
The biggest take away I got from The Leap of Faith program is that I own my own answers. In many ways I already knew what I needed to do but there had been so much clutter in my activities I couldn't see it before.
Samantha Richardson
During The Leap of Faith Program I really came to know myself for the first time. It's a gift I will hold onto for the rest of my life. My
relationship with my wife is off the charts. It's like we just met
each other, it's been wonderful!
Todd Wilson
Most people begin pursuing results in their life with great enthusiasm and positive intentions until external demands, distractions and frustrations shift their focus and derail their dreams.
During this phase of the Leap of Faith program you will - Make Changes That Last. You will take what you have mastered and you will integrate it into your life at the deepest level.
The decisions you make and the actions that result from these decisions are ultimately determined by your beliefs, values, rules and experiences.
When these forces are in conflict or chaos, the result is self-sabotage.
The path towards lasting change is in aligning these powerful internal forces so that they work in harmony pulling you towards your ultimate vision of yourself.
Paul and Patsy Cohn are sports enthusiasts 
with a  passion for Skiing and Skydiving. 
Paul and Patsy Cohn founded Total Edge Control over twenty-five years ago. They are successful 
Personal Development Leaders, Peak Performance Experts and Strategic Results Coaches.
They will be your host and guide during
The Leap of Faith Workshop.


Paul and Patsy's workshops are everything but boring. They're not just about gaining new knowledge, they're about experiencing something new. They're about living life at a whole new level. No matter the event or the workshop I never fail to grow as a person and come away with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. Paul and Patsy I can't thank you enough for your help, I would recommend your programs to anyone.
When I started working with Paul and Patsy my life and my marriage was in a shambles. I was making good money but I hated my job and thought there was nothing I could do about it. After attending one of Paul's workshops I saw the light. It was the first time in years that I felt like there was some hope. I thought what I was learning was just the best. I realized then I could really make the changes in my life and in my marriage that I wanted. I attended several more events and also got some private coaching from Paul and Patsy. Today I can honestly tell you I have never been happier in my life. I now have a Great Job and my wife and I just celebrated our Twenty Fifth Anniversary!!
They are famous for Their 
Leap of Faith Workshops
The P.A.C.T. Program
The Edge Control Skiing Adventure Seminar
Jim Passavant
Rachel Capps
The Leap of Faith program is a small group workshop that includes dynamic one-on-one interaction, personal development training, individual peak performance coaching and an opportunity to go skydiving. Because of the small group nature of this event, space is extremely limited and always fills up very quickly. So don't hesitate, reserve your spot today!