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Imagine jumping out of an airplane and having the time of your life. Imagine taking that experience and having it transform everything in your life because it changes everything you do.

Those who achieve extraordinary lives share a fundamental power of courage. This is not the absence of fear, but a willingness to break through limitations and take action.

During the early parts of The P.A.C.T. Program you will discover within yourself an awesome power that can change everything.

You will learn how to instantly place yourself in peak emotional, mental and physical states. 

You will move from a place of just understanding your emotions to a place of emotional fitness. This will not only affect how you feel, it will transform how you think and what you do.
Early on in The P.A.C.T. Program you will begin to condition yourself  mentally, emotionally and physically for consistent and sustainable achievement in the four key areas that create an extraordinary quality of life.
Before the end of this section of The P.A.C.T. Program as an ultimate declaration of your newly emerging mastery you will jump out of an airplane with the help of a trained professional. This is not about skydiving really. Instead it's about creating a breakthrough. 
Once you get yourself to do the impossible everything else you want in life becomes a possibility. You don't have to do the tandem jump in order to participate in The P.A.C.T. Program but most people want to and tell us it's one of their favorite parts of the program.
I just wanted to write and tell everyone what a great time I had! Everyone was really helpful and gave me a lot of confidence for my first jump. I loved every minute of it, from the plane ride up all the way to a great parachute landing. The view was breathtaking and my thrilling tandem jump was the highlight of my experience. Like most people who jump, I will do it again!!
I just wanted to say thanks for the greatest time in my life. I can’t believe I did it! It took me awhile to get up the courage but now I am hooked. I never imagined that skydiving was going to be this amazing and life altering.

They say that in life, there is always that one moment that can change everything. For me, that moment was my tandem jump. Thanks so much for giving me this experience!
Getting yourself to take action
 in order to push through real or perceived limitations is the first step towards living a fulfilling life.
Paul David Cohn
Sam Miller
Cooper Eckhart
Most people begin pursuing results in their life with great enthusiasm and positive intentions until external demands, distractions and frustrations shift their focus and derail their dreams.
During this phase of The P.A.C.T. Program you will - Make Changes That Last. You will take what you have mastered and you will integrate it into your life at the deepest level.
The decisions you make and the actions that result from these decisions are ultimately determined by your beliefs, values, rules and experiences.
When these forces are in conflict or chaos, the result is self-sabotage.
The path towards lasting change is in aligning these powerful internal forces so that they work in harmony pulling you towards your ultimate vision of yourself.
The P.A.C.T. Program isn't just about creating change, it's about creating a fulfilling life, one that you are passionate about living. What's the point of change if you're not going to enjoy the end result?
The P.A.C.T. Program is about mastering those areas of your life that create success and fulfillment. When you have fulfillment without success you don't accomplish anything. When you have success without fulfillment it doesn't matter how much you accomplish you still live an unsatisfied life.
The purpose of The P.A.C.T. Program is to improve the quality of your experiences. And in so doing improve
the quality of your life. 
The P.A.C.T. Program is about mastering the most important areas of your life: your career, your finances, your health, your emotions, your relationships, your time and your spirituality.
The biggest take away I got from The P.A.C.T. Program is that I own my own answers. In many ways I already knew what I needed to do but there had been so much clutter in my activities I couldn't see it before.
No matter how much we accomplish or how much we achieve, if we experience consistent feelings of frustration, uncertainty, worry or anger, the quality of our life will be grounded by these negative emotions.
Samantha Richardson
During The P.A.C.T. Program I really came to know myself for the first time. It's a gift I will hold onto for the rest of my life. My
relationship with my wife is off the charts. It's like we just met
each other, it's been wonderful!
Todd Wilson
No matter what we do at work, if our relationships are in a shambles no amount of money will fix how we feel. If we don't have enough money to pay our bills, we will find ourselves arguing with those we love for no reason at all. 
You can't really say that one thing is more important than the other. The truth of the matter is this: "Everything Effects Everything Else." All these things are important. Everything is adding to or taking away.
The P.A.C.T. Program is the only program of its kind that enables you to take control of all the most critical aspects of your life. The P.A.C.T. Program will literally transform the foundation of your everyday experiences.
During your twelve month coaching and training program you will discover the exact beliefs and values that control virtually every decision you make. You won't just understand what they are, you will decide and determine what you want them to be. This will enable you to Master Your Mission.
Most people become who they are through random chance. Past experiences shape who they are and create boundaries for future experiences. The P.A.C.T. Program takes your life out of the hands of random chance and puts you in charge of your future.
There is nothing quite like the feeling of skiing down a snow covered mountain with the wind rushing against your face as the light of the sun permeates the winter sky.

There is also nothing like the feeling of being in total control while sensing the movement of your skis sliding effortlessly through the snow and down the mountain.

In this context being in control creates an amazing and wonderfully euphoric experience while being out of control creates a potentially dangerous situation for yourself and others.  
Total Edge Control gets its name from the skiing experience
On the mountain and on skis the more control you have the more freedom you have. On the mountain and on skis the more control you have the more mountain you have and the more access you have.
Imagine enjoying a week 
in the Colorado Rocky Mountains 
on skis and/or snowboards 
using your new level of mastery 
in a natural environment 
and real life setting
Nothing equals a perfect morning on skis: diamond sparkles in fresh powder;
endless slow-motion turns, champagne air in your lungs. 
Nothing except perhaps sharing the experience with other skiers.
Lito Tejada-Flores  
Author, Breakthrough on Skis
Our Ski week together in the Colorado Rockies is not about being a great skier or even becoming one (although that may happen.) It's really about taking what we have mastered and getting it to work in a setting that we may not be familiar with.
If we can get our new awareness, competence, and abilities to work in different, challenging, and unfamiliar situations we can get them to work all the time. When this happens we will have mastered our life and our environment. And we will have the greatest impact on those around us.
You don't have to ski with us or spend the week with us in the mountains in order to participate in The P.A.C.T. Program but most people want to and tell us it's one of the most empowering weeks of their lives. And the reason is simple; real transformations don't take place in the classroom, they take place in the real world when you're playing full out and totally engaged in life.
I just wanted to say thank you so very
much, the time I spent with you guys was phenomanol. I can't believe how much I have grown in 12 months and the ski trip to Breckenridge was amazing. The best 
of the best. It totally shifted my focus
and re-energized my entire life; mind,
body and soul.
I get it now! We all need change 
because without it we don't grow.
The P.A.C.T. Program has made a remarkable difference in my life
both on and off the mountain.

I was skeptical at first especially
about the skiing because I had
never even seen a mountain before having grown up in the south. But I got to tell you I couldn't believe the snow, it was up to my knees and I was loving it!!
David Jeffries
Marie McGill
Cindy Barrera
In ski terms, it's the side of the ski or "The Edge" of the ski that gives the skier the control they need to navigate around the mountain.

When a skier puts their skis on their edge and they press down on them into the snow they create what is known as a carved turn.

It's pressure on "The Edge" of the ski that creates both movement and control. You can have movement on skis without pressure and without "The Edge" but you will have no control.

The point I am making here is "Control" is not something you seek. "Control" is a bi-product of something that you "Do." 

You can't control the weather, you can't control the mountain and you can't control the conditions you encounter on the mountain but you can learn to master "The Edge" of your skis and in so doing gain total control and total access to the mountain. 

The mountain is the ultimate metaphor for life. You can't control others, you can't control yourself, and you can't control what happens but you can become a master of "The Edge." And in so doing feel the elation of finally taking control of what's most important in life.
Notice the name of our company is not Total Control. It's  Total "Edge" Control
All top performing athletes, all top performing business people and all peak performance experts have one thing in common, they all embrace the challenge.

They take whatever they have to deal with and they use it to transform their emotions and drive their behavior. The challenge actually becomes their greatest motivator.

The P.A.C.T. Program ski trip is about embracing the challenge. It's about getting ourselves to take consistent action in the face of difficult situations while also enjoying the experience.

Skiing is fun and enjoyable but it's not exactly easy. The scenery is breathtaking but it takes real effort to get to it.

A ski trip is not a day at the beach. You can't just throw your bathing suit and a couple of towels in the trunk of your car and spend a day relaxing in the sun.

Skiing requires something from you. It requires planning and preparation in advance. And while you are skiing the more energy and effort you put into it, the more you get out of it.

The P.A.C.T. Program is not for everyone

It requires a commitment of time, effort and energy
not everyone is accepted into the program
(everyone must apply, preregister and be accepted)
(Also enrollment is extremely limited) 

As we said earlier
Once your accepted Into The P.A.C.T. Program
we will be spending alot of time together.

We want to make sure The P.A.C.T. Program 
is right for you and you're right for it.

Make sure you tell us something about yourself,
why you want to participate
in The P.A.C.T. Program
and what you want to accomplish.

Once a year we take a handful of committed individuals and work with them for an entire twelve months
Because of the personal one-on-one nature of The P.A.C.T. Program space and availability is limited. 
If you are interested in attending the program you must reserve your place well in advance.

If you think The P.A.C.T. Program is something you would like to participate in Complete the Contact form Below