You Can Have The Life You Want
Since 1989 Total Edge Control has helped thousands of people
Transform the Quality of their Lives
Paul and Patsy Cohn will help you get very clear on what you want most in life. We will support you while creating a plan that aligns with your values, taps into your core expectations and builds on your strengths. Total Edge Control will support you while you make all the changes needed to achieve the outcomes you most desire.
If you are stuck in a rut and not getting what you want out of life?
If you crave more meaningful and successful relationships?
If you are frustrated with your career and your income?
If you are stressed out, feel unfulfilled and tired of the results you are currently getting?
If you are capable of doing more than you are accomplishing right now?
If you are living in a comfort zone that yields too little or no challenges?
If you have a big dream or even a forgotten dream that you still want to go after?
If you are ready to take your life or career to the next level?
Here is Your Chance and Now is the Time
Invest in Yourself Today and
Start Living a Happier and More Fulfilling Life
You Don't Have to Put Your
Dreams, Goals and Aspirations
On Hold Any Longer!
 Join The Growing List of People
Who Have Overcome Difficult Situations
Turned Their Life Around
Taken Their Life Experience to The Next Level
"Change in the Circumstance
and the
Circumstances Change"
Total Edge Control
Paul and Patsy Cohn founded Total Edge Control over twenty-five years ago. They are successful Personal Development Leaders, Peak Performance Experts and Strategic Results Coaches
We have been trained to believe that change isn’t easy and requires a lot of effort and a lot of time. I have always found this to be simply not true. 

Success in any area is never difficult! The hard part is always getting ourselves to take action on what is simple. Once we take action though, we begin to see how easy it is to get and keep what we really want.

In my experience, the biggest challenge people face is making their problems bigger than their solutions. We say things like, “I’m no good!” “Nobody likes me!” “I don't have what it takes!” 

We make our problems be about our nature when our problems are really about something we need to tweak or something we need to adjust. 

The things we need to do in order to improve our lives are usually very easy to do.

Also, because situations and things are related to each other, sometimes just doing a few things different can make all the difference in the world.

The point I’m making here is change is easy when you define your problems in solvable terms. Change is easy when you don’t make your problems bigger than they really are. 

When you see just how easy change can be by taking a few simple action steps, you begin to take complete control over your life. But the key to change is this: “You Must Take Some Action!” If you do you will get all the results you want! 

Paul David Cohn
Don't let Any Perceived Limitation 
             Stand in Your Way






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If you have not been getting the results you want and are looking for the best in professional support to get a plan, to grow, or to move into action? This is your chance to make it happen! 
When you understand yourself and others and build strategies and techniques that are aligned with who you are and what you value, you'll have the confidence, ability and shortcuts that will take you from where you are today to where you want to be, quicker and easier than you could have ever thought possible.
I can tell you the coaching I received from Paul and Patsy gave me a renewed outlook on life and provided me and my family with a world of good. Not only are we doing better as a couple, my young children seem to know I have changed. I never realized before that love wasn't just an emotion, it's a need that must be met. I wouldn't trade what I have learned and what I have experienced for anything.
-- James Reed
    Design Specialist
I believe the success I have achieved can be directly attributed to the coaching I received from Paul and Patsy. For the longest time I felt like I was drifting. I had no passion and I had no purpose. I was just existing. Patsy helped me realize I was living my life according to other people's standards. Now I let my own internal compass guide my decisions and my actions. I now create my own standards. I finally feel like I'm in control of my life and it feels great!!
-- Susan Prescott
   Owner, Extraordinary Hair
I learned more about my husband and myself in one coaching session with Paul and Patsy then in all the books I read during my twenty plus years of marriage. From the get go it was like they knew us personally and the funny thing was my husband didn't even attend the session. I can honestly tell you they helped me see what our real problems were for the very first time. They also helped me see what to do about it. My relationship with my husband is now better than it has ever been in our married life.
-- Gladys Mackenzie
   Wife, Mother, Grandmother